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Winged Horse Extravaganza

Auction Information

38 original works of art were auctioned at the "Mane Event" on October 10, 2004:

» Click here for the Auction Summary (pdf file)
1) Sea Printz
Artists: DCAC Kids Collaborative at 2002 Artrageous & Rob Snyder
Sponsor: Outer Banks Trading Post
2) Captain Sipster
Artist: Lois Nelms
Sponsor: Jimmy Buffett
3) Curry Tuck
Artist: Denver Lindley
Sponsors: Kitty Hawk Land Company & The Currituck Club
4) Steve's CottEdge Blend, AKA "Java"
Artist: Jaime Shotton
Sponsor: Steve Alterman
5) Collie
Artists: Sara Birkemeier & George Scott
Sponsor: Bill Rickman of Island Bookstore
6) Butterfly Jubilee
Artists: Jewelry By Gail Staff
Sponsor: Jewelry By Gail
7) Mighty Windy
Artist: Lisa Panosky
Sponsor: Mighty Wind United Methodist Church
8) Peg-leg-asus "Black Beardy, the Buck-aneer"
Artist: Jalynn Prince
Sponsor: Jalynn Prince
9) Floral Flight
Artist: Carole Chall
Sponsor: ResortQuest Outer Banks
10) A Horse of a Different Color
Artist: Jesse McClary
Sponsor: Scarborough Faire Shopping Village
11) Fancy Flyer
Artist: Mike Davis
Sponsors: Lucy and John VanBelois
12) Scuppernong
Artist: Elizabeth Keys
Sponsor: Village Realty
13) Uncle Ceph Brinkley
Artist: Camille Lawrence
Sponsor: First Colony Inn
14) Soar Winner
Artist: Gail Warner
Sponsor: Outer Banks Furniture
15) Phoenix
Artist: Gail Warner
Sponsors: Denise Rikas and Fred Sawyer
16) Felicia, "The Flippered Filly"
Artist: Linda Lauby
Sponsor: ResortQuest
17) Horse of the Rising Sun
Artist: Steve Andrus
Sponsor: The Law Firm of John G. Gaw Jr.
18) Wilbur Bushwacker
Artist: Jon McCrane
Sponsor: Outer Banks Vacation Realty
19) Foaliage
Artist: Barbara Levine
Sponsor: How the Weather Works
20) Kinnakeet
Artist: Denise Weaver
Sponsor: Corolla Outback
21) Amerigo-Round
Artist: Jan Button
Sponsor: Ocean Club Centre
22) Free to Fly Mama
Artist: Laurie Everett
Sponsor: Outer Banks Center for Women
23) Lacey
Artists: Glenn Eure, Christen Killgore, Gretchen Hess & Brianna Hess
Sponsor: Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery
24) Buceador
Artist: Philip Webb
Sponsor: Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
25) Lady-Go-Diva
Artists: Cape Hatteras Secondary School Students
Sponsor: Cape Hatteras Secondary School
26) Roanoke
Artists: Manteo Elementary School Students
Sponsor: Manteo Elementary School
27) CATastrophe
Artist: Chris Alexander
Sponsor: Emily Sanders
28) Mystic Pearl, M.D.
Artists: Carl & Donna Newton
Sponsor: Regional Medical Center
29) Chillin' Out
Artist: Wendy Schwartz
Sponsor: Penguin Isle Restaurant
30) Captain Wrighthook
Artists: Randy Hodges & Betsy Hodges
Sponsor: The Blacksmith's Store
31) Hurricane
Artists: Cape Hatteras Elementary School Students
Sponsor: Hatteras Realty
32) Sweet Inspiration
Artist: Tricia Ibelli
Sponsor: Outer Banks Press
33) C'est Cheese
Artists: St. Anne's Belfield School Students
Sponsor: Outer Banks Press
34) Beach Bum
Artist: Paul Frederick
Sponsor: Outer Banks Press
35) Monto'ac
Artists: Sarah Tyler & Linda Lauby
Sponsor: Outer Banks Press for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund
36) Stampede
Artist: Barbara Reel
Sponsor: Outer Banks Press

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Artist: Karen Aneiro
Sponsor: Outer Banks Press

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