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Taffy of Torpedo Junction

by Nell Wise Wechter
155 pages, soft cover, $10.95
published by The University of North Carolina Press

First published in 1957, this book (for ages 6 and up) offers a perfect combination for young readers — history (World War II), bad guys (German spies), a wild setting (Cape Hatteras seashore) and the prerequisite young-orphan- who-lives-with-grandfather- and-gets-to-run-wild-all-over-the-beach- on-her-horse- with-her-dog heroine. No, really, kids find this book very appealing — my children always beg for "one more chapter!" — and adults can feel good about it. During WWII, German U-boats were responsible for giving the area off Cape Hatteras the name "Torpedo Junction" after sinking more than 60 American ships in 6 months in 1942. The book takes place during this time, with a few fictional twists, and truly deserves a place on every child’s bookshelf.

[Review by Jamie Shotton, Duck's Cottage Coffee & Book Shop]

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