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Jockey's Ridge State Park, photographed by Steve Alterman.



“In commemoration of the conquest of the air by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright, conceived by genius and achieved by dauntless resolution and unconquerable faith.”

– Inscription on the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

A couple of weeks before completing this issue of The Edge, my sister, Michelle, and I spent a glorious couple of hours viewing the Outer Banks by air. Sharing the open front cockpit of a 1941 Waco biplane, we flew from Manteo to Duck and out over the ocean, spotting pods of dolphins below and laughing wildly; we soared over Jockey’s Ridge and waved at people flying kites; we followed the coast’s sandy beaches and we passed over marsh grass and gill nets in the sound; and we circled the Wright Brothers National Memorial — twice.

"I didn’t realize it until we circled the monument the second time; we wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for those two brothers," Michelle said, emotionally. "I thanked them."

Consider all that has transpired in the century since Wilbur and Orville first flew, and then try to imagine the suspense, the exhilaration, the sense of wonderment that must have enveloped this island on December 17, 1903. This was a feat for which people had been waiting — news of the Wright brothers’ success was cabled ’round the world in only 12 minutes. It was the birth of a new era.

In this 100-year anniversary of man’s first powered flight, let’s take a good, long look at the words that grace the Wright Memorial …genius…dauntless resolution…unconquerable faith. These are words to embrace and apply to all that we hold dear. We are so fortunate to be here, celebrating the centennial of flight and aspiring to life without limits.

On behalf of all of us at Outer Banks Press,
Thank you Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Linda L. Lauby, Editor
(Photo by Gayle Tiller)

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