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A Toast to Tina

top: The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, as pictured on our 2002/2003 cover, is the tallest brick lighthouse in the nation, and is still actively used as a navigational aid. This photo by Steve Alterman documents this famous structure in its original location, prior to its summer 1999 move away from the encroaching Atlantic Ocean.
What's in a name? As your mind skips back a few centuries to these words penned by The Bard, consider just what is in a name.

For us at Outer Banks Press, The Edge is all about our own indulgences. We have chosen to live or vacation on these barrier islands because they are literally on the edge of the continent - we can't get any closer to the water without getting right in. And we do get in, year 'round. Our sales director, Greg Bailey, boasts that he usually trades his lunch break for surfing, and I've heard said that he's sometimes out there in the line-up, selling ads to hard-to-contact business owners. In fact, just about each of us is as much a water dog as our staff golden retriever, Odessa. "The sea is the land's edge…" wrote T. S. Eliot, and this edge has lured legions.

The Edge is about more than geographical characteristics. It's about taking risks and having fun. As you'll notice, this issue has our first centerfold; it just seemed the best way to present our Livin' on the Edge feature "A Toast to Tina." In each issue we try to share some extremes with you, whether they're in design, writing or photography. We're here to entertain you, to stir the pot, to make you laugh and cry, and to let you know what's happening in our little part of the world.

Over the last five years I've actively recruited only one staff member. Yes, one. There's been a bit of a Pied Piper quality to The Edge, for people call, write, send e-mails or stop me on the street and ask how they can be a part of the magazine. For those who can hear the music, we try to find a way to include them.

One such individual who sought us out was photographer Steve Alterman. Within the past year we published a coffee table book of his photographs, Outer Banks Edge: A Photographic Portfolio, which was recently awarded "Best Book" by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation at the Printing Industries of Virginia Best in Print awards. Steve, it has truly been an honor to work with you, and I look forward to many more projects.

What's in a name? Plenty, if it accurately defines who you are and what you do. Happy reading from all of us at Outer Banks Press - we are The Edge.

Linda L. Lauby, Publisher, Editor
All right, I know you’re wondering about the Wild West look this year. Well, since most of the staff already had costumes from the Dare County Arts Council’s “Rhinestone Cowboy” gala, and since we are fully committed to our Winged Horse Extravaganza, it seemed befitting that we should dress the part. For more photos and information, please visit [»] The Edge staff page. Hope to see y’all at the round-up!

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