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Seasonal Starters

This year’s cover photo is an aerial view by Steve Alterman, taken from an ultralight flown by G.W. Meadows.
from the Editor

You may well wonder why we’re dressed in flight apparel for this year’s staff photos. Well, this is just the first step in our commitment to help celebrate the upcoming centennial of the Wright brothers’ first flight in 2003. Consider this issue the warm-up: from now through the centennial year, we’ll do our best to keep you updated through all of our publications and our web site. We appreciate our liaisons with the First Flight Centennial Commission and with Icarus International, and we’re excited about our own project, 100 Winged Horses, which you can read about in this issue.

As with each edition of The Edge, we’ve once again tried to bring you the very best of the Outer Banks – in our articles as well as in our photography and design. I’m so fortunate to work with wonderful people of immense talent, and grateful to our advertising partners who help to make this all possible.

Welcome to our third issue of The Edge Outer Banks, and if you’re flying in the pilot’s seat, remember to step on the ball.

Linda Lauby, Editor

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