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We on the Outer Banks live literally on the edge of the earth, and on this narrow stretch of sand we lead our lives envied by many who long to be locals. Through these pages, we celebrate life on these barrier islands through images and editorial. While it’s been exciting and satisfying to take a basic idea for a publication and turn it into tens of thousands of actual printed copies, most rewarding are the replies from you, our readers.

I’ve met some incredibly wonderful people over the past year, and many have become great friends. Most of these relationships began with a telephone call from a stranger who said, “I’m from Virginia (or D.C., or St. Louis, or the Virgin Islands), and I just read your magazine…”

To everyone who has taken the time to call our office, or to send a letter or e-mail, thank you. Your words of encouragement have been incredibly inspiring. You all continue to remind me that a kind word from an as-yet-unmet friend can brighten an entire day.

I welcome you to dive into the pages of this, our second issue of The Edge Outer Banks, and to take part in the food and wine, aviation, literature, art, and the natural abundance and unrivaled beauty of this special place.

To friends old and new, and those as yet unrealized, happy reading.

Linda Lauby, Editor

Photo by Gayle Tiller

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